For the past 14 years the Valley United Way’s Corporate Volunteer Council bi-annually builds a 400 square-foot house out of food. Over 200 volunteers come together from local businesses and schools including the Valley United Way’s High School Volunteer Council and Youth Leadership program to make this event possible. Over 50,000 non-perishable items are stocked on the shelves and then donated to the five Valley food banks: Spooner House, Seymour Oxford Food Bank, Salvation Army, Kathleen Samella Food Bank, and St. Vincent De Paul.



The Valley United Way’s Corporate Volunteer Council strives to enhance the quality of life in the Valley by promoting and fostering corporate volunteerism to make the greatest impact. This year Valley United Way celebrates the 7th bi-annual build of Harvest House. A great addition this year is the launch of an innovative “virtual shopping” experience created to make donations to food banks a year-round effort. (click here to learn more) Valley United Way would like to enormously thank all the Volunteer’s that made this “Build” take place. Without the support of all the volunteers and sponsors this event would not have been and overwhelming success.




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