women united

Women United was established on June 4, 2019.

“Leading the Charge – Inspiring the Change, WOMEN UNITED” is a global, diverse and vibrant force of 75,000 + women leaders in 165 communities and six countries, dedicated to raising awareness and funds to help ensure that women and children in valley neighborhoods are financially secure.

For Valley United Way, whose primary role is bringing people together to help solve community problems, women leaders are essential to accelerating lasting change. We are a strong group of visionary women from all walks of life, capable of rolling up our sleeves and raising our voices! We will leave a legacy of change that benefits everyone by enhancing lives and creating stronger communities. Throughout the year, our members will enjoy educational and professional development with a network of other influential women who have a passion for the Valley. We will strategize and plan engaging fund-raising events with measurable results, and host and participate in volunteer projects that make a meaningful impact for women and children. WOMEN UNITED has pledged to help address Valley United Way’s mission to address Food Insecurity here in our Valley.

Visit us here online for more coming events and campaigns from Valley United Way’s Woman United as we move forward in our mission!

Feed The Valley

Feed The Valley - WomenUnited

Women United of the Valley United Way, is introducing “Feed the Valley,” a fundraiser taking place at participating restaurants from April 15th through June 1st to alleviate hunger in our community while supporting the restaurants and their employees as they recover from financial difficulties caused by Covid-19.


At the end of a meal at a participating restaurant, patrons will be asked if they would like to add a donation onto their bill through the restaurant’s point of sale system to support “Feed the Valley.” Donations will be provided to Valley United Way partner agencies that support those who struggle with food insecurity, including the Kathleen C.B. Samela Memorial Food Bank, Salvation Army, Seymour Oxford Food Bank, Spooner House, and St. Vincent DePaul Food Bank.

Can’t make it or don’t feel comfortable participating by visiting the restaurants at this time? If you would still like to make a donation, click on the logo above. You’re support is very much appreciated.


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