From the first day, this winter when I was scouting out the best community garden location for the Spring, I met a wonderful man who was giving back to his community by keeping Gatison Park free of trash and weeds. At first I thought he was a city employee or that he belonged to Friends of Gatison Park, but after speaking with him I discovered he was a local resident who was just trying to help the community in which he lived. It turns out he is a recovering drug addict that also did time in prison and was now turning his life around. He became a valuable member of our volunteer team, always looking after the garden, watering and weeding and helping with the hard work of filling garden beds and laying down mulch. Without his help the Garden would not be as successful as it has been and we are truly grateful for our new friend.

I didn’t think it would happen but I am so glad it did, it has really brought the neighborhood together.

George Beal


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