Strategic Directions

In late January 2020, Valley United Way’s  Board of Directors adopted a Strategic Directions Design after three months of intensive planning, deep reflection, and community listening – funded in part by a generous grant from the Valley Community Foundation.

The plan was to be released to the community at its April 30, 2020 Annual Meeting. Before this occurred, the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded in the Valley, the Annual Meeting was cancelled, and the release of the Strategic Directions was put on hold so VUW could concentrate on working with the community to address the crisis and understand our “new normal.”

As the months unfolded, the Board continued to reflect and observe our role in the community and shape the Strategic Directions plan as needed.  During the summer, they felt confident enough to proceed with some more concrete direction.

To help the community understand how Valley United Way will be progressing, they created a one page overview of the goals and changes they would like to see and an infographic to accompany it.

Please feel free to look over these documents below and reach out to Interim President and CEO, David Kennedy, with any questions or comments about the report.


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