Grow Your Own

  • 7,710 residents in the Valley live at or below the federal poverty level
  • Locally, 1-in-5 children are going hungry
  • Valley Food Pantires have fresh produce in stock ONLY 25% of the time

Valley United Way is in collaboration with Griffin Hospital, Massaro Community Farm, TEAM Inc., Circut Breaker Sales Northeast, Home Depot, and Yale-Griffin PRC. Other local businesses have also volunteered their time to help including Peralta Design, Prudential, Irving School, Trusted Properties and Alderman Richard Kaslaitis.

Valley United Way understood there was a major food insecurity in the Valley. With the help of the sponsors and donors, they made it possible for the neighborhoods in Ansonia, Derby, Seymour, and Oxford to have community gardens. These gardens were built to help food insecure residents obtain fresh fruit and vegetables.

“Grow Your Own” was established three years ago, the gardens consisted of plants, soil and tools and they were provided to Valley residents in need for backyard gardening. Today, the 10 locations of the community gardens will reach and serve a greater number of people. 



  1. Gatison Park 
  2. Pine Lot Park
  3. Beaver Brook
  4. YMCA


  1. Seymour Community Center 


  1. Irving School
  2. Derby Library 
  3. Griffin Hospital 
  4. 5th & Olivia 


  1. Immanuel Lutheran Church 

Gatison Park

Address: 4th St. Ansonia, CT

Pine Lot Park

Address: 28 Howard Ave. Ansonia, CT


YMCA Ansonia

Address: 12 State St. Ansonia, CT

New 2018 Garden!

Ansonia Beaver Brook 

Address: 96 Central St. Ansonia, CT

New 2018 Garden!


Irving School

Address: 4th Garden St. Derby, CT

5th and Olivia St.


Derby Public Library

Address: 313 Elizabeth St. Derby, CT


Griffin Hospital 

Address: 130 Division St. Derby, CT


Seymour Community Center

Address: 20 Pine St. Seymour, CT


New 2018 Garden!

Immanuel Lutheran Church

Address: 25 Great Hill Road, Oxford

New 2018 Garden!

Premier Sponsor







Sharon Gibson, President, Valley United Way is seeking more members of the community to volunteer to help with the garden.

It is not too late for gardeners to sign up. For more information contact Tom Groonell at (203)538-6343.

I didn’t think it would happen but I am so glad it did, it has really brought the neighborhood together. George Beal

We are so excited to have our very own neighborhood garden. Charlene Martinez