The Valley United Way is pleased to announce the first year of a new kind of granting process to community non-profits. Each year, we will ask local non-profits that service the Lower Naugatuck Valley to prepare proposals to receive funds toward specific projects.  This helps us understand the current efforts that other service agencies are working on, and make sure that we are using the funds we receive through fundraising responsibly.

Proposals this spring were centered around efforts toward “Health and Well Being.” Our second proposal process will start in September. Stay tuned for more information!

 We are proud to announce the recipient of this year’s proposal process is Massaro Community Farm of Woodbridge and St Vincent De Paul Food Bank and Thrift Shoppe of Derby.  Their proposal focuses on not just providing food to our low income residents in the Valley, but also teaching them how to use fresh produce from the farm.  Clients are chosen from those that use the Food Bank and Massaro Farm employees provide vegetables and a cooking demo.  At the end they take home the recipe and all the ingredients they need to replicate the dish at home. Sessions are followed up with surveys, and efforts are made to connect them with health professionals to advise them on how to incorporate healthy foods into their diets.


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