Back to School

What is Back-To-School-Clothes-For-Kids? – A volunteer project sponsored by the Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) of Valley United Way’s Volunteer Center which provides new clothes at the start of the school year to children in need living in the five town Valley area.

How does the Program operate? – CVC members coordinate fundraising for donations and shop for clothes and distribute them to the children one week before school starts. The CVC Company has an opportunity to meet their adopted child and personally present them with their clothing and backpack filled with school supplies.

Why does the CVC get involved in the Program? – The hope of the Council is that new school clothes will boost the child’s self-esteem, reduce truancy problems due to peer pressure with respect to clothing and show them that the corporate community cares. Statistics show that many children do not attend the 1st few days of school because the family cannot afford new clothes.

Each child receives two complete outfits, socks, underwear, winter coat, and a backpack filled with the school supplies. The child’s first name is provided to us by the school principal along with a profile sheet that has the child’s sizes, favorite color, and favorite character.  The strictest confidence is used through this process.

Since its inception in 1996,  the Corporate Volunteer Council has spent $687, 275.00 on 3,162 Valley Students.